Finance, Budget & Administration

The Office of Finance, Budget and Administration

The Office of Finance, Budget and Administration provides core and essential support services that focus on the financial and administrative operations of the School of Medicine. The Department is involved in sound financial preparation and management of budgets and resources that reflect the mission and vision of the School of Medicine and the University of South Carolina. This Office strives to provide support in a professional, courteous, cost-effective and client-focused manner.

This Office assist faculty and administrative staff throughout the School in executing their budgets and managing the allocation of resources to meet the School’s needs and mission; this support extends to all departments including basic and clinical science research, clinical service, administration, education, and infrastructure management. This Office also acts as the liaison for certain financial and administrative matters between the School and the rest of the University system.

This Office serves as part of the "Office of the Dean" for the School and actively provides support and guidance on financial and administrative matters to the Dean and other operations of the Office of the Dean.